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Welcome hOme...

© Tristan Savatier --

Monday, August 27th, 2007. The last of 2 nights I would spend on the Playa. My First Burn.

Being a 'new' single mom of an 8, 5, and 1 year-old, it seemed to be time. I felt lucky to be able to get away for a few nights. Let's just say that becoming a single mom two months before was not something that I had anticipated. At. All.

My dear old 'brothers' from Dead Show days had been encouraging me to make it to Black Rock City for years. Teaching, babies, it had not been in the cards. Until life had already begun to turn upside down.

Of all the nights I could choose to spend on the Playa in 2007. Monday, August 27th...which became Tuesday, August 28th. Monday night the Man burned...Tuesday morning we experienced a Solar Eclipse...Full Moon in Pisces. Nothing has ever been the same.

The timing was not intentional. I hadn't learned to pay attention to the Moon. Yet.

About that Full Moon:

"There is a deep and mysterious law at work within each of us, unknown and unseen. The law seems to precipitate changes to the established pattern of our lives. Now is one of those turning points. The choices we make now will be irreversible soon, if not immediately after we make them. Choose wisely. Behind the Wheel of Fate, stand the three Moirai sisters. They know there is an intelligent and orderly plan behind the apparent random changes in our life. If we listen to them we can hear why the changes are taking place. The changes spring from our very soul and our life’s karmic purpose. A new phase of our life begins. Atropos prepares to cut the thread of our life so a new chapter can begin. The Wheel of Time, Fate and Fortune spins."

© Anne Ortelee 2007

Thank you, Larry, for a culture rich with Mystery and ritual, where we can find our way back hOme.

And thank you, Dave, for that epic first trip onto the Playa...those monkeys... <3!

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