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Episode 01: Experiences in Color Theory, Design, and The 8th Intelligence

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Emily shares her background in color theory and architectural color consultation and how it relates to The 8th Intelligence.

Emily recalls that when she was four years-old, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky in the evening. She took off running down the street looking to find the pot of gold at the end! Although a neighbor turned her back toward her house, the magic of that experience stayed with her.

Early in career, she worked in education as a teacher and math specialist. She loved the algebraic thinking in patterns. This love of patterns transferred to other areas of her life, specifically architectural color design. After working on the design in her own home, she discovered that people would pay her to do the same for them. She left education to focus on residential design and architectural color consultation.

Emily has deepened her knowledge and appreciation of color theory and how it relates to The 8th Intelligence.




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